Childhood, Adolescence, Youth, and International Human Rights

Since ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child twenty years ago, considerable progress has been made in advancing young childrens enjoyment of basic social and economic rights including access to basic education and health care. These gains are not matched by corresponding advances for older children, particularly girls, minorities, and migrants: in many developing societies, secondary and tertiary education remains widely inaccessible, maternal mortality remains the largest cause of female teenage death, and youth unemployment and violence have reached epidemic proportions. What explains this differential performance, and how can the gap in realization of adolescent and youth human rights be addressed? The course will explore legal and other strategies for understanding and advancing the human rights of children, adolescents, and youth globally.

This course is jointly-listed with HKS as IGA-305. This course will meet at HKS in room L382. The first class meeting is on September 2nd. The course will also meet for one Friday, on September 4th.

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